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A timeline for the EU Commission AI strategy | via Tim Dutton

The race to become the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) has officially begun. In the past fifteen months, Canada, Japan, Singapore, China, ...

Figure 3: Industrialization Strategies

Figure 1: Current Landscape of AI Strategies

An Overview of National AI Strategies

Table 4: AI Strategies Heat Map

Key topic areas addressed by different national AI strategies, along with details on specific documents and policy areas.

However, the country's estimated annual spend is only roughly $12.5 million, and it has no official national strategy.

Figure 4: Comprehensive Strategies

Building a skeleton: Singapore announces an ethical framework for AI development

Table 1: Funded Strategies

European AI Strategies: Where Do Member States Stand, and Where Are They Headed?

2018 AI predictions

Politics + AI

Prof Ho Teck Hua, Executive Chairman of AI Singapore, speaking at the AISG 1st Anniversary event.

Singapore Prepares for the AI Revolution

Why the United States Needs a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and What It Should Look Like

SINGAPORE, 26 September 2018 – Today, Microsoft announced its collaborations with AI Singapore (AISG) to foster a greater aptitude in AI among Singapore's ...

Singapore to 'double down' on artificial intelligence efforts, says Vivian Balakrishnan - CNA

35 National AI Strategies. The Global AI Strategy Landscape

... National AI Strategies (NAIS) Radar, that analyses all documents on national AI Strategies and performs topic modeling and summarises the key policy ...

AI for Everyone (19 July 2019)

The World of A.I.The World of A.I.

7 artificial intelligence

India is not the first country to incorporate AI and inclusion. Canada and France, for example, recently announced a task force to develop an international ...

After Becoming The Blockchain Island, Malta Announces It's Formulating National AI Strategy

Smart Nation Citizen Business Benefits

WAM. The UAE Cabinet has approved the national Artificial Intelligence strategy.

Suspending or shaping the AI policy frontier: has Germany become part of the AI strategy

Artificial Intelligence in Singapore: pervasive, powerful and present, Opinion - THE BUSINESS TIMES

... National University of Singapore (NUS) have partnered to launch an artificial intelligence laboratory, together investing SG$6 million (~$4,400,000 US).

Is your country ready for AI? Singapore and UK lead new global ranking

13, 2019) – Today, there's no escaping the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) has crept into many aspects of our lives, making communications easier, ...

The CIFAR report shows the priorities of AI strategies in 18 states and regions that have implemented and dedicated funding to their implementation.

View the full predictions report

Wrestling With AI Governance Around The World

Singapore announces initiatives on AI governance and ethics on Twitter: "According to CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies): these are the countries with a released AI strategy… ...

Strategic Competition in an Era of Artificial Intelligence | Center for a New American Security

At PwC, we group the risks associated with AI into six types:

Singapore aims to build up AI skills for digital economy

Can AI be ethical? Why enterprises shouldn't wait for AI regulation

Governments are vying with each other to develop national AI strategies to attract and foster business investment and innovation; educate, train, ...

The latest social media scandals have generated a backlash in the United States among internet users

Singapore's Million-Dollar Investments Will Drive AI Growth In Southeast Asia .

'It's important no one gets left behind': Singapore's government data strategy

Support for AI correlation to trust in government

China is evidently a front-runner in Asia's AI ecosystem (which we will discuss in detail in a follow-up article), assisted in no small measure by its ...

SMU School of Law awarded significant research grant to address governance of AI and data use

NVIDIA Bolsters Singapore's AI Ambitions


... เป้าหมาย และการมีส่วนร่วมของภาครัฐและเอกชน รวมไปถึงความเสมอภาคในการเข้าถึง AI กฏระเบียบ (Regulation) และจรรยาบรรณ (Ethics) ในการใช้ AI ดังนี้

Own the A.I. Revolution: Unlock Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy to Disrupt Your Competition 1st Edition

Asia Pacific (APAC) is poised to become one of the leading regions globally for artificial intelligence (AI) within the next decade.

Ethics and AI: a crash course

How governments are beginning to regulate AI

Quantum Computing Meets AI: Concepts and Use Cases

The EU Needs to Reform the GDPR To Remain Competitive in the Algorithmic Economy

How the Singapore government supports the country's tech scene

An artificial intelligence system backed by facial recognition which can used in mobile payments is demonstrated

“Most of the impetus for AI growth in the Asia Pacific region will come from China, as it pushes the accelerator on its plans to become a science and ...

World AI Show Singapore 2019

Image An autonomous electric bus being tested in May in Singapore.

Partly born of national competition, these complementary strengths between organic AI design by the American private sector and ambitious country-wide AI ...

#DYK France will invest €1.5 billion into #AI over five years to support research, encourage startups, and collect data that can be used, and shared, ...

Does AI have a safety problem?

Across Singapore, healthcare providers are using cutting-edge tech to cope with a manpower shortage. Tan Tock Seng Hospital built an 'artificial brain' to ...

Here's what China is doing to boost its artificial intelligence capabilities | South China Morning Post

Singapore Unveils Its First Petascale Supercomputer

Singapore-Australia Cybersecurity: Collaborations towards a Strong Future Economy | SGInnovate

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However, one sphere where Japan takes the lead is its “mechatronics” industry—a term used to describe articulated robotics, automated process-enhanced ...

Artificial Intelligence in Government 950×540

Much ...

Here's what the AI for Everyone (AI4E) website looks like.

Given the exponential growth of technology it is understandable that nations are vying with each other to develop their own national AI strategy.

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